Sept 2019 - BKK Watch Company (BWC) Update - Looking for Thai Partner - Accepting Applications Now!

2019 Omega Speedmaster Moon Watch 
50 year Anniversary of U.S. Astronauts' 1st Moon Walk

BKK Watch Co (BWC) is alive, well, and getting stronger!  

Quick update, our first batch of 500 "Min Man" (basic and 100% original BWC design with a proven Japanese Quartz movement) watches are all gone already.  So if you did not get one of those "First Originals" you missed out >>> and whoever got one knows they have an instant collector's item that can NEVER be repeated >>> EVER!!!  

The BWC "Min Man" will never be produced again...

 2018 BWC "Min Man" - GONE FOREVER!!!

It is part of "Watch Collector's History" now....  

Now here is the good news!!!

We are now in the next phase of our international business operation across the globe.  Last year (2018) we founded our humble little horological  the measurement of time and the making ofcompany in Bangkok (BKK).  Of course, "Horology" is the study of time and the making of clocks and other timepieces like the fine watches BWC focuses on making for you.  

Moving forward, our simple founding group of "Horological People" from a few different nationalities (American, Nepalese, and Tajik [ANT Founder's Group]) are now officially operating under a non-profit corporation in America.  

However, to maybe do business better in Bangkok (BKK) THAI-land (and NOT "Foreigner-Land"), we are seeking one good & honest Thai citizen partner who is also good in business, and most importantly understands and "gets" watches.  

It is in this "space" BWC hopes to find a good Forever Thai watch partner for combined future growth...please send us a message if you are a Thai citizen who meets these requirements.  


+++ More importantly in this update is the "2020 NAM" Swiss Watch announcement! +++  

The "NAM" will be the ONLY future "BWC Watch" to ever be high quality/low quantities   

Why NAM?  It stands for "Navigator-Aviator Man" Watch and we are already completing the design phase and confirming production details with our Swiss watch factory (negotiating best Ole Swiss Watch Shop and best value so we can make the best NAM for the BWC customer!).  

The NAM will be produced in EXTREME limited 2020 edition (less than 33 per year) and they can ONLY be pre-ordered with a $1,000 USD deposit and kind commitment from our loyal customers and fellow watch collectors! 

Our basic design plans for your future BWC NAM Watch is for it to  be similar to the famed Omega Speedmaster Moon Walk Watch (yet even a little easier to operate - for the NAM will include an excellent SWISS AUTOMATIC winding movement versus the more difficult to operate mechanical [hand wind-up] movement of the Omega).  Not saying the NAM will be "better," yet it will simply be different, more limited in production, and another salute to the  United States of America's (and the world's) only successful quest to land humans on another celestial body.  

As a Civilian Experimental Aerospace Vehicle Test Pilot and certified EAA Flight Advisor, I know how critical it is for an Aviator to have a watch they can count on in high stress situations.  That is how we are designing your NAM watch - to the be a REAL TEST PILOT's Aviator type watch and not some pretend play toy.  The NAM will NOT break under pressure, either in the pilot's seat or in the board room seat!  Just like the Men who will wear them and pass their watch on to the next generation - they will remain Unbroken forever!   

Historic Note: In 1950 (only 70 years ago) Pan-American Airways started the first commercial nonstop flight from Honolulu, Hawaii to Tokyo, Japan bridging the "Peace Gap" that started after World War II.  While never perfect, thankfully all of our world was able to start living in a more Peaceful era (versus pre-1945 when World War II, World War I, and other true atrocities on a massive scale that we can hardly be comprehended in the 21st Century).  Our current relative "Peaceful Times" thankfully continues today despite still having many challenges and concerns.

Thus, BWC's NAM Watch will also symbolize the start of more World Peace (NEVER perfect), improving technology dispersement across the globe, and more kindness and sharing amongst different cultures.  Modern Air Travel (and thus the need for good Aviator Watches) continues to enable this great "Peace Dividend" from the investment and sacrifices of so many of our ancestors from past generations.  We should simply be thankful...period.  And a great way to celebrate Life is to own a wonderful watch that will last for many generations in your family.  That is the goal of BWC to continuing in our "G3 Promise" - A Great Watch at a Great Price for Great People! 

Despite all the great Swiss watch technology and rich aviation history, the NAM will be affordable: 

LESS than $3,333 U.S. Dollars total cost and ONLY a $1,000 deposit (see PayPal button below to reserve yours today!)

MINIMUM NAM Specifications: 

1. The finest SWISS automatic movement with a THREE YEAR BKK Watch Company's FULL Warranty (Lifetime Extended Full Warranty for a $500 upfront charge at time of order) 
     >>> Simply return your NAM & it will either be repaired or replaced at NO charge!

2. 10 ATM (Atmospheres) minimum water resistance

3. Simply one of the coolest and MOST MANLIEST Collectible Watches ever known to Humankind!  

The BWC's "Navigator-Aviator Man (NAM)" will be a BIG (approximately 40 millimeters), COOL, and extremely functional watch.  The NAM will last your lifetime and for many more lifetimes in your family.  

And just like the first 500 BWC's watches, when they are gone...they are gone...

Send a Deposit to reserve yours today!   

Thank you for your support! Brian

Major Brian K. Kissinger
Navigator, Aviator & Test Pilot
U.S. Air Force (retired)
Major General (Brevet - Honorary), Bavarian Air Service

BKK Watch Company


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