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Sept 2019 - BKK Watch Company (BWC) Update - Looking for Thai Partner - Accepting Applications Now!

2019 Omega Speedmaster Moon Watch 50 year Anniversary of U.S. Astronauts' 1st Moon Walk

BKK Watch Co (BWC) is alive, well, and getting stronger!  
Quick update, our first batch of 500 "Min Man" (basic and 100% original BWC design with a proven Japanese Quartz movement) watches are all gone already.  So if you did not get one of those "First Originals" you missed out >>> and whoever got one knows they have an instant collector's item that can NEVER be repeated >>> EVER!!! 
The BWC "Min Man" will never be produced again...
 2018 BWC "Min Man" - GONE FOREVER!!!
It is part of "Watch Collector's History" now....  
Now here is the good news!!!
We are now in the next phase of our international business operation across the globe.  Last year (2018) we founded our humble little horological the measurement of time and the making ofcompany in Bangkok (BKK).  Of course, "Horology" is the study of time and the ma…