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2019 BKK Watches - 100% of Profits go to Cancer/Brain Tumor Research

Happy New Year 2019
We made it!!! 
What:  We decided to "give-away" a small portion of our 2019 Limited Edition BKK (Bangkok) Watch Company "Min Man" watches for a charitable donation of $100 (100% of profits going to Cancer/Brain Tumor Research).  The remainder will be sold in Bangkok and elsewhere...

When/How:  Starting NOW, you can order your watch by sending $100 to - to reserve your watch.  This includes standard shipping (FedEx) and a special thank you card from 3 x Aviation World Record Holder Major Brian K. Kissinger and the BKK (Bangkok) Watch Company team.  
Why:  Simply to help others...and be the change we want to see in our imperfect world.  
"The most important and persistent question is, what are you doing to help others?"  - Martin Luther King Jr. - American Civil Rights Leader

Peace & Love always! Brian 

Brian K Kissinger
Terminal Brain CancerThriverof 15+ years