2019 BKK Watches - 100% of Profits go to Cancer/Brain Tumor Research

Happy New Year 2019

We made it!!! 

We decided to "give-away" a small portion of our 2019 Limited Edition BKK (Bangkok) Watch Company "Min Man" watches for a charitable donation of $100 (100% of profits going to Cancer/Brain Tumor Research).  The remainder will be sold in Bangkok and elsewhere...

Starting NOW, you can order your watch by sending $100 to paypal.me/BKKWatch - to reserve your watch.  This includes standard shipping (FedEx) and a special thank you card from 3 x Aviation World Record Holder Major Brian K. Kissinger and the BKK (Bangkok) Watch Company team.  

Simply to help others...and be the change we want to see in our imperfect world.  

"The most important and persistent question is, what are you doing to help others?" 
- Martin Luther King Jr. - American Civil Rights Leader

Peace & Love always! Brian 

Brian K Kissinger

Terminal Brain Cancer Thriver of 15+ years


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