Sept 2019 - BKK Watch Company (BWC) Update - Looking for Thai Partner - Accepting Applications Now!

2019 Omega Speedmaster Moon Watch 50 year Anniversary of U.S. Astronauts' 1st Moon Walk

BKK Watch Co (BWC) is alive, well, and getting stronger!  
Quick update, our first batch of 500 "Min Man" (basic and 100% original BWC design with a proven Japanese Quartz movement) watches are all gone already.  So if you did not get one of those "First Originals" you missed out >>> and whoever got one knows they have an instant collector's item that can NEVER be repeated >>> EVER!!! 
The BWC "Min Man" will never be produced again...
 2018 BWC "Min Man" - GONE FOREVER!!!
It is part of "Watch Collector's History" now....  
Now here is the good news!!!
We are now in the next phase of our international business operation across the globe.  Last year (2018) we founded our humble little horological the measurement of time and the making ofcompany in Bangkok (BKK).  Of course, "Horology" is the study of time and the ma…

2019 BKK Watches - 100% of Profits go to Cancer/Brain Tumor Research

Happy New Year 2019
We made it!!! 
What:  We decided to "give-away" a small portion of our 2019 Limited Edition BKK (Bangkok) Watch Company "Min Man" watches for a charitable donation of $100 (100% of profits going to Cancer/Brain Tumor Research).  The remainder will be sold in Bangkok and elsewhere...

When/How:  Starting NOW, you can order your watch by sending $100 to - to reserve your watch.  This includes standard shipping (FedEx) and a special thank you card from 3 x Aviation World Record Holder Major Brian K. Kissinger and the BKK (Bangkok) Watch Company team.  
Why:  Simply to help others...and be the change we want to see in our imperfect world.  
"The most important and persistent question is, what are you doing to help others?"  - Martin Luther King Jr. - American Civil Rights Leader

Peace & Love always! Brian 

Brian K Kissinger
Terminal Brain CancerThriverof 15+ years

BKK Watch Co - First Men's Watch Launch!!! "Min Man"

Updated Design - 20 November - Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Bangkok (BKK), Thailand

Today the BKK Watch Co announces its plans to launch its First Watch design, the

"Min Man"
or a watch for a Man who just desires the "Min" (Minimum) in elegance, luxury, and function.

This beautiful timepiece features a brown leather strap, a strong silver alloy case, and a quality Japanese quartz movement that will last its new owner a long time...

And the "Min Man" definitely lives up to the BKK Watch G3 (Great) Motto of:

 "A Great watch at a Great Price for Great People!"
Currently we are ONLY selling to Wholesalers...For more details on how to order this "Instant Classic" of a watch simply drop us a line at bkkwatchco (at)
- BK out

As we start our humble Watch Company - The Bangkok (BKK) Watch Company or "BWC" for short - we claim all rights to these "trademark names" (™ TRADE MARK SIGN) in all area of watches, timepieces…

BKK (Bangkok) Watch Company is Operational and here to Help!!!

Today we launch, officially, our Website and The BKK (Bangkok) Watch Company to the World.

If you live in or are traveling to Bangkok (the MOST traveled to destination now according to many tourist travel data sources and Financial journals like Forbes) and want to sell your MECHANICAL (either self-winding or automatic) Timepiece (watch, clock, whatever) for CASH >>> just drop us a message with what timepieces U have, the CASH price U need and if it meets our standards we will simply pay U in CASH.

We also offer "Vintage Cuckoo Clock Repair Service" on a case by case basis...We EVEN can make a Clock out of a Potato (if U need one ;>) >>>
Potato Clock A man visits a watchmaker and asks if it's possible to make a clock out of potatoes. The experienced watchmaker replied it's possible to make a clock out of just about anything, but he'd never made one out of potatoes before, and he'd have to do some research. Later that day he calls the custo…