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BKK (Bangkok) Watch Company is Operational and here to Help!!!

Today we launch, officially, our Website and The BKK (Bangkok) Watch Company to the World. If you live in or are traveling to Bangkok (the MOST traveled to destination now according to many tourist travel data sources and Financial journals like Forbes ) and want to sell your MECHANICAL (either self-winding or automatic) Timepiece (watch, clock, whatever) for CASH >>> just drop us a message with what timepieces U have, the CASH price U need and if it meets our standards we will simply pay U in CASH. We also offer "Vintage Cuckoo Clock Repair Service" on a case by case basis...We EVEN can make a Clock out of a Potato (if U need one ;>) >>> Potato Clock A man visits a watchmaker and asks if it's possible to make a clock out of potatoes. The experienced watchmaker replied it's possible to make a clock out of just about anything, but he'd never made one out of potatoes before, and he'd have to do some research. Later th